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There are many photographs within the Gallery. You've reached this page because your interested in the evidence, many have who have come before you. The following articles describe the processes, results and conclusions of several analyses of Billy Meier's photos.

There is always more, this is a small selection.


'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier's photos differ from all other known UFO cases by:

  • Their outstanding picture quality.
  • Their large number (hundreds).
  • Daylight and night-time photography.
  • Diversity of positions, angles, perspective techniques etc.
  • Most images are part of sequences of photographs which are timely.
  • Images with several 'UFO's' in single photo.
  • 8mm film footage, recorded in parallel to the photo's.
  • Additional recordings and photographic documentation e.g. laser fire traces.
  • All photography and motion video footage was taken before the possibility of computer manipulation was developed.
  • Most captured using standard popular camera's, commercially available, Olympus 35 ECR and Malcolm FTL, see Camera Data (However there are several other cameras that have been used).
  • Documented and verifiable locations, dates and times.
  • Photos of the film negatives themselves.
  • Decades of all sorts of different investigations by individuals and groups all over the world.
  • Plenty of honest answers given about every possible aspect of it.

There are however a batch of photos documented here: BMUFOR: More photos by Billy Meier (External), which deals essentially with the Great Journey, which has instigated ridicule and claims of fraud. Fraud as we know tends to be popularly interesting, it's the bread and butter of tabloid newspapers after all, and it's traditionally been the route to the lighter cognitive load because it's gratifying. Those various claims have however been addressed in a variety of ways by Billy Meier and Plejaren (some raising more questions) which can be read on this website. Future Of Mankind doesn't host so many of those photo's from the Great Journey, because we think they're bilge to word it politely. An investigation of the evidence nevertheless may well require traversing those photos and information to satisfy being thorough, but most ignore it.

Before expressing adverse or disapproving comments or judgements, we recommend reserve, weigh it up. Always bear in mind that if there was not any substance to any of this it wouldn't have run for decades and attracted the attention of folks all over the world.

After having a good look at the photos, the well trodden route is to turn one's attention toward reading the Contact Reports. But some start with one of Michael Horn's many radio conversations, begin with the Randolph Winters tapes, watch all the videos on Rhal Zahi's (Youtube external link) channel or explore the archives at and Some however choose to continue looking at the photos and never read the story itself, see the history section below. Which ever route you take we wish you well, you will make your own way, and you're on your own.


Since the 1940s, Billy has maintained contacts with extraterrestrial folk, especially with Plejaren, and all the countless attempts to convict him of lies and deceit or of vertigo and charlatanry have failed miserably for more than 60 years. And since all these attempts had always been fruitless, malicious slander was created, both by his own wife and by alleged friends, but also by envious people, know-it-alls, critics and other adversaries who had never even seen him face to face let alone ever spoken to him.

Billys Photo and film footage leads back to a time when today's computer technology was not even in its infancy. When he took his photos and films and shot them, the photo and film industry was in a position to produce trickery or the so-called special effects but was so expensive that they could only be carried out by heavy-duty photo and film studios. So for Billy it would have been financially prohibitive to produce trick photos and animated films in such a good and perfect quality as this one was created by him. Not to mention the fact that he never had a studio and the necessary utensils for it and also no knowledge of photo and film technology.

Further obstacles would have been on the one hand his wife, who constantly watched over him jealously and suspiciously with bird (eagle or owl) eyes and who would have exposed him to all publicly, out of hatred and prestige, if she had been able to detect any irregularities, fraud, lies or swindling in any way. However, useless attempts at slander on her part were nevertheless made early on, which did not end even after the divorce of the marriage.

On the other hand. How could he, as a one-armed man, have handled all the necessary techniques that would be necessary to make trick shots? But how could he, for example, also hang jet ship models in the open air like that, because verifiably, all photos and films were taken by him in places where nothing but the open sky over the objects is visible - with a few exceptions, where the jet ships circled around weather firs. And that large objects and not small models were photographed and filmed, this became evident by a US-American investigative journalist team on the spot of the photographs, as well as through expert analyses by scientists in the USA.

Nevertheless, opponents all over the world tried to slander Billy as a swindler, liar and cheat or simply as a charlatan. Thus slanderous articles, writings and books were written and even TV films were produced to compromise him, to which even his wife offered a gloating hand, as well as so-called long-time friends, who came together with the family member in question, although, like him, they were able to experience a great deal over many years with regard to the real existence of our beamships and with regard to unexpected encounters with us.

Also impossible defamations - which could not be more ridiculous - were set up and even books about them were written and published, like e.g. by a certain Kal Korff from the USA, who claimed that Billy as a one-armed man had built a seven (7) meter model of a flight ship and transported it on his small motorcycle to those places, where then the photo and film recordings were made. According to slander, these models were then hung on balloons or lifted up with helicopters.

Otherwise, other unsustainable defamations were spread by Billys wife, such as that he had prepared container lids etc. and photographed them as jet ships. In fact, the forms of the experiences took on such ridiculous forms that it was surprising that adult folk even fell for it - alleged UFO professionals who thought they were untrue and still imagine. Malicious people also did not shy away from Billy's falsifying photo and film material monstrously and putting the falsified material back in his hands - without him noticing it - or directly spreading it worldwide with the claim that it was original recordings. .

The forgeries were partly made so clumsy that they were recognizable as such even by laymen. The whole thing ultimately led to worldwide hostility against Billy, who was thereby defamed as a swindler, liar, cheat and charlatan, which was only too gladly embraced by autocratic know-it-alls, foolish, envious, enemies and self-appointed alleged experts etc., and was destroyed by them.


Position of Future Of Mankind

The position of Future Of Mankind is laid out on the Billy Meier:About page. You're welcome to form your own opinion, we encourage it.

Read Doubt as a Shortcoming - establish an appropriate clear vision and clear recognition of the matter for yourself.

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