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About The Future Of Mankind

What is this Wiki about?

This Wiki is essentially about all aspects of Billy Meier's contacts with extraterrestrial human beings. Who they are. Who he is. Why they came here and what they talked about during the contact experiences. These contact experiences were face-to-face and telepathic.

What are the goals of the website?

  1. The first goal is to become the definitive resource of all known English-language translations of information originally in German produced by Billy Meier. It has probably already achieved this goal.
  2. The second goal is to assist with the education of mankind in the truth about our origin, ourselves, our world, our future and the universe, both spiritual (fine-matter) and material (coarse-matter). Of course the truth is disputed and you will have to decide for yourself whether everything here is probably true or not, given the facts stated here and your life experiences that affect your judgement powers.
  3. A third goal is to allow any human being to take part in the evolution of this website. It uses a technology called MediaWiki that essentially provides a relatively easy-to-use word processing/editing interface. Just create an account and off you go. You would be advised to read Contributing Content if you would like to try add some content.
  4. A fourth goal is to keep it free to read and use.

Who is the owner?

The webmaster, owner and one of the main contributors of this Wiki is James Moore who created it in order to help humanity in the most appropriate way that he could at this time.

James has obtained approval (or rather has received notice of no disapproval) from Billy via Christian Frehner to further develop this website.

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Why is the word "alleged" or "believed" not used here?

The syntax of the text contained within this website is derived from the presumption of fact. In other words, there is proof beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Meier's claims are true. Anyone of a logical and non-materialistically oriented mind can come to this conclusion by reading the entirety of this website.

Therefore the words "alleged" and "believed" are not used here as would be expected from an encyclopedia, such as Wikipedia, that states itself to only publish the opinions of reliable authors, and not the opinions of Wikipedians who have read and interpreted primary source material for themselves which is a flawed statement in itself since the criteria for reliable can be disputed and is corrupted by the currently materialistic thinking processes of the Earth human being.

How To Help

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