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Lee Elders

Michael Horn

George Noory on Coast To Coast AM

23rd February 2009

Michael Horn spoke about Billy Meier's communications with an ET group called the Plejarens, and the dire prophecies they shared with him. First hour guest, Richard C. Hoagland talked about the Space Shuttle.

Kevin Smith Show

8th December 2006

Michael Horn and Jeff Ritzmann square off in a debate about the Billy Meier case and the credibility of the evidence. Two hours of hard charging debate done with a pinch of civility. Ritzmann says the Billy Meier photos are hoaxed. Horn says they are authentic. What do you think?


28th November 2006

Michael Horn, American representative for Billy Meier, joins Kevin to discuss the Billy Meier case. A surprise caller, Jeff Ritzmann, takes Michael to task on the issue of whether the Meier photos are real or hoaxed. Both Michael Horn and Jeff Ritzmann agree to come back next week for a debate on the evidence.