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Dear reader,

In your hands you hold a new FIGU-medium, the FIGU-ZEITZEICHEN, the little sibling of our bulletins, which unfortunately are often not very up-to-date. This is going to change with ZEITZEICHEN. Frequently we receive current contributions or even find those that refer to current events, to new research, new scientific findings or current developments, which we have been dealing with for quite some time, if not years, and with their publication we don't want to wait until they have disappeared from the minds of our readers, because in the meantime other things have long since become much more important.

The ZEITZEICHEN will appear sporadically, namely whenever we are of the opinion that the publication of a contribution cannot or should not be postponed for long, because our bulletins are sometimes already filled with important contributions for months and are in a long correction process. A good example of this is the first article in this ZEITZEICHEN, namely an interview with the German physician, Prof. Edzard Ernst, which appeared in the Tages-Anzeiger on 24 March and which we are allowed to publish with the kind permission of Prof. Ernst. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Ernst has been intensively involved with alternative medicine at the University of Exeter in England and has come up with extremely interesting results that are absolutely in line with the findings that we ourselves have been advocating for years. Prof. Ernst confirms - without having known our attitude - our postulates by serious scientific work, which of course is more or less openly rejected or fought by the advocates of alternative medicine.

One example of his clear and unmistakable words is his comment on the Schüssler salts from 2007 and 2010: "The assumption of treatment costs by some German health insurance companies does not change the fact that this 'therapy' is to be classified as a treatment that has not been effectively evaluated". Unfortunately, hardly anyone who treats himself or herself with Schüssler salts or homeopathic remedies, drops, globules, Bach flower essences or Reiki, etc., admits that he only imagines the success of his 'treatment' and therefore brings about an improvement through his own thinking and by no means through the 'remedies' he gives himself. To feel better or even to become healthy because of placebo effects, which they succumb to because of their own delusions, seems to many to be disreputable and somehow dishonorable. But by defending the imagined efficacy of the means they take, they do not make anything better, but only reveal their gullibility, their imagination, their prejudices, and a dubious lack of insight and reason.

Instead of searching for really reasonable and effective remedies and treating themselves with them, if they do not want to place themselves in the hands of a good doctor at any price, they become more and more focused on 'alternative medicine', which is not only often ineffective, but can also be harmful in certain circumstances. Apart from that, it is not a disadvantage, as the advocates of many alternative medicine directions claim, that 'conventional medicine' often uses new therapies and new drugs, but a great advantage, which is based on the fact that further research and further learning and ineffective or even harmful methods, therapies and drugs are replaced by better and more effective ones, which can hardly or little be claimed of the alternative methods.

However, not only the first contribution in the ZEITZEICHEN is highly topical and important, but also the second and third contributions are in no way inferior to the first! Especially the second contribution, which deals with the current development in Ukraine and the possible consequences of it, is of great importance and at the moment extremely important, because it cannot be denied that the EU under the leadership of Angela Merkel has lost the ground under her feet and threatens to plunge the world into a new catastrophe with her behaviour and her unintelligent compulsion! But read for yourself and make your own judgement. With this in mind, I wish you an exciting, interesting and enlightening read.

Bernadette Brand

Source: FIGU Zeitzeichen 001

The publication introduces with:

Voice for free, politically independent views and opinions to the world-events
According to ' general statement of the human rights ' from 10 December 1948, article 19, ' opinion and freedom of information ':
Every human being has the right to free expression of opinion, this right covers the freedom, to unhindered be connected with opinions and to seek, to receive and to disseminate information and ideas with all means of communication without consideration of limits.
Statements and opinions need not necessarily be identical to the FIGU-goods of thoughts, interests, teaching and mission.

Future of Mankind has decided not to translate the name and retain calling it Zeitzeichen.

It’s been variously translated as “Signs of the times”, “Time signal”, “Time piece”, “Time character”, “Character of our time”, “Symbol signifiers of the current time phase”, ”Indicators in the interests of quantifying time measurements”.

The publication tends to incorporate an excerpt from the latest official Contact Reports conversation, quality written articles by FIGU persons and FIGU interested persons, various other commentary and news clippings (occasionally from tabloids), sometimes even academic research papers.

It would require a fair amount of time and work of us to translate the publication. The 'United States online FIGU interest group' has been translating it Creationaltruth: FIGU Signs Of The Times (External), readers are recommended to browse and read through these periodicals there.

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